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Xenos Development Archive
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Wing Load Test

March 7, 2001

Xenos Wing Static Load Test
The Xenos destructive test was completed last weekend. The wing passed with flying colors! Below are pictures and explainations at each stage of the test. Note that these pictures were taken before the load was released in each case, so the wing deflections are not depicted. This load test was filmed in its entirety with over a dozen witnesses.

We will now be moving forward with the construction of a prototype aircraft. The latest info will continue to be posted on this web site.

Load Case 1mm 690 lbs. 40% of Ultimate

Load Case 2mm 1080 lbs. 50% of Ultimate

Load Case 3mm 1430 lbs. 60% of Ultimate

Load Case 4mm 1770 lbs. 70% of Ultimate

Load Case 5mm 2120 lbs. 75% of Ultimate

Load Case 6mm 2470 lbs. 80% of Ultimate

Load Case 7mm 2820 lbs. 85% of Ultimate

Load Case 8mm 3000 lbs. 90% of Ultimate

Load Case 9mm 3110 lbs. 95% of Ultimate

Load Case 10mm 3180 lbs.-Max Moment 100% of Ultimate

Load Case 10s 3600 lbs.-Max Shear 100% of Ultimate

Load Case 11s 3710 lbs. 103% of Ultimate

Load Case 12s 3800 lbs. 106% of Ultimate

Happy Designers! Pete Buck John Monnett Jeremy Monnett

February 27, 2001
The Xenos test rig is complete. A full destructive test will be completed this weekend.

February 9, 2001
The Xenos test wing is riveted. The wing tip that will servie to test the utility configuration is shown below.

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Wing Load Test

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