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What is the Sonex Sport Trainer?

In Early 2005, Sonex Aircraft released the Sonex Sport Trainer (ST). The Sport Trainer is not a new aircraft, but is simply a new configuration that is compatible for use in the Sonex or Waiex airframes.

This new Sport Trainer Configuration provides for central cockpit location of Throttle, Mixture, Trim, Flap and Brake controls. This is the new, unique feature of the Sport Trainer configuration, but in general terms, Sonex Aircraft intended the Sport Trainer name to be used as shorthand for a Tri-Gear, Dual Stick, AeroVee powered Sonex with a center control column.

Do I need to specify Sport Trainer controls in my aircraft kit order?

There is no need to specifically request a Sport Trainer in your order if you wish to equip your Sonex or Waiex with center controls. You can install center controls in any Dual Stick Sonex or Waiex, regardless of landing gear configuration, using all the same materials that are supplied with the standard airframe kits.

All that is required is the center control drawing revision and purchase of the AeroConversions Trim System. We also suggest use of the AeroConversions Throttle Quadrant ST.

Sport Trainer center control installation drawings can be downloaded in PDF format from the Sonex and Waiex Optional Revision Logs.

If you have a kit shipped prior to May, 2005, you will need to order the updated Flap Drive Tube Assembly to install center controls. If your Flap Drive Tube has part number SNX-C04-06, you will need the updated part SNX-C04-09.

Sport Trainer
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