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The Model of Efficiency

Sonex Aircraft utilize fuel-efficient, yet simple and powerful engine technology enhanced with the performance and economy optimizing AeroConversions AeroCarb. Optimized Powerplant Efficiency, combined with Superb Aerodynamic Efficiency, give the Sonex family of aircraft the Best MPH per MPG. Yet another way in which Sonex Aircraft give sport pilots the Best Performance per Dollar.

Less Fuel. . .

Powerplant Efficiency

Use of the AeroConversions AeroCarb is a major key to the Sonex Aircraft fuel efficiency profile. The AeroCarb is infinitely adjustable in mixture tuning on the ground, and mixture control is retained in the cockpit giving you full control. The AeroCarb unleashes the maximum power output potential of your aircraft engine while keeping your fuel burn rate down to an economical level, not just in throttled back economy-cruise settings, but throughout the entire power band.

Airframe Efficiency

We could throw a whole pile of complicated engineering and aerodynamics theory and data at you, but instead, here’s a real-world scenario: How fast does an airframe fly with a given amount of horsepower and at what cost in terms of gallons per hour of fuel? Also consider the cost per horsepower of initial engine purchase, maintenance and overhaul (see the MPG Rating Comparison chart below for estimated overhaul cost comparisons).



Competitive Comparisons

Reliable flight test data is hard to come-by in the recreational aviation industry, particularly apples-to-apples comparisons. The best competitive fuel efficiency data we could find was the research conducted by the CAFE Foundation and documented in their series of articles in EAA Sport Aviation magazine:

About that $35 Burger. . .

If you’re a pilot, you know that a $35 hamburger is an excellent deal! Read about a Sonex builder’s real-life fuel economy experiences with his AeroCarb equipped, Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex in The $35 Hamburger.

Be sure to also check-out Sun and Fun in a Sonex (1.1mb PDF file), A Sonex builder's account of his real-world experiences flying long X-Country flights from Oshkosh to Lakeland, FL and back.

More Fun. . .
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These airplanes are all about Fun! Whether you enjoy aerobatics, soaring, cross countries, or doing your part for Homeland Security by patrolling the local lakes for U-boats, Sonex Aircraft will keep the Fun in your recreational flying.
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